Who We Are

Bramos International, Inc., is a Florida Corporation in the  international procurement business; we purchase, sell, and distribute materials for the civil, mechanical, and electrical construction; spare parts for heavy machinery, maritime, and heavy and light vehicles, safety equipment and air conditioning systems;   together with related products to distributors and construction corporations throughout Latin America. We work effectively in a timely manner and at the best cost and offer a personalized service.




To fully utilize our knowledge and experience to build relationships that will create sustainable growth and profit for our company along with a competitive pricing and service.



Covered Industries

  • Oil and Gas.

  • Maritime.

  • Mining.

  • Domestic and Industrial Refrigeration.

  • Heavy and Light Equipment Machinery.

  • Automotive.

  • Telecomunication and Informatic Technologies (IT)

  • Agriculture and Farming.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical.



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